Emotions and Investing

Just because something has worked for a long time, that does not mean it will work going forward—but that is an inherent mental shortcut. I am here to help you think carefully about your choices and ensure that the risks of investment options are well defined and fit within the parameters of your plan.

Emotional Investor


October - Recession Rampage

September - Back to School

Decision Making: The Thinking Brain

July – Summertime Surprise

June - Uber Exciting

Sometimes popular investments aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

June - Recession Rerun

May - Strategic Ignorance

Not all information is beneficial. Some can be detrimental.

April - Assumptions

Be careful about assumptions you make…even those made unconsciously.

March - Fake Headlines

You’ve heard of Fake News.  How about Fake Headlines?

February – Market Whiplash

WARNING: Watching the market may produce whiplash

January - Investing is Simple

Investing is simple, but not easy.  A great reminder to investors why investing is so difficult
and what they can do to make better financial decisions.

Predictably Emotional

We are all emotional. The good news is we can predict what triggers our emotions and take steps today to ensure we make fewer emotional decisions tomorrow.