Virtual Meetings

Zoom Video Conferencing!


Subject: Zoom Video Conferencing! 

We are excited to announce we are now using Zoom for more of our remote meetings. Our office has maintained a Zoom for a few years. We are using it more now because of its simplicity, reliability, and consistency across devices for a great and seamless experience. 

Keeping You Safe 
While it has been in the news a lot lately, the way we’re using Zoom protects your data through encryption, password protection, waiting rooms, meeting lock, and user authentication to ensure top meeting security. 

Options for Joining Zoom Meetings 
The easiest and fastest way to join a Zoom meeting with us is by clicking the link in our invitation and accepting the prompt to use your computer audio to join. The meeting password will be imbedded in the link our office sends you, so this workflow will give you a true one-click experience. This works from any of your devices (i.e., computers, tablets, and smartphones). 

You can also join the meeting by going to, clicking Join a Meeting, and entering the meeting ID. For your protection, we add a password to all meetings, which you will need to enter if you join the meeting this way. 

If you don’t want to use video, you can dial in to any meeting using the phone numbers listed in the invite. If you are having trouble hearing us, just call our office and we’ll walk you through the process. 

If you have any questions about the information shared here, please call my office at 317-579-9400 or [email protected].