Articles of Interest

Title: LTC Worksheet 2019

Date: September, 2019

Description: By completing this document, you will have written details to share with your family and friends who need to know your feelings and expectations about your own care. Please add another page for additional comments. Long-term Care, Extended Care, Assisted Care, etc. is defined as needing care from other adults to conduct daily activities for a physical or mental disability due to an accident or illness which could happen at any age.


Title: So You Want to Buy a Vacation Home

Date: June, 2019

Description: As the weather warms up, many people are thinking about summer plans - and possibly dreaming of buying a vacation home. Although the idea of having a permanent "home away from home" may sound appealing, purchasing a vacation property isn't something to be entered into lightly.


Title: Backdoor Roth IRA Contributions: A Way to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Date: May, 2019

Description: Retirement planning is complicated. Many individuals put off saving, thinking that retirement is years away—until it isn’t. Then, in their 40s and 50s, they start to panic and wonder how they’ll catch up. One strategy, made possible beginning in 2010 by a provision to the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, presents a way for some individuals to potentially put away more money for retirement, in a tax-advantaged way.   


Title: 5 Ways Criminals Use Social Engineering to Scam Us

Date: April, 2019

Description: A major risk to both businesses and individuals, social engineering involves the exploitation of our very nature. Specifically, criminals use social engineering techniques to elicit feelings of fear, uncertainty, pressure, and excitement in the hope that we will deviate from the ways we typically behave. Their goal is to gain access to our sensitive information or take advantage of us for financial gain. Here, we’ll explore five ways that criminals use social engineering to scam us—and tips to avoid falling victim.   


Title: Basics of Credit Scores

Date: March, 2019

Description: When you borrow money from a lender or sign a contract pledging to make payments, the other party needs to assess how likely it is that you will fulfill your obligations. Your credit score is a measure of risk that helps lenders quantify this likelihood in real time.   


Title: The Family Conversation: Addressing Your Health Care Needs in Retirement

Date: February, 2019

Description: Most people are aware that life expectancies are on the rise, but we put off thinking about getting older and or paying for health care for a prolonged period. Asking yourself (and your family) questions about physical, financial, and legal matters is a helpful starting point. Those conversations can lead to building an action plan.   

To get you started, we've prepared some questions for you to consider. You can print the My Plan worksheet and fill in your responses in the space provided to share with your family. If you need help, we can help guide you through the thought process.   If you are unable to print the form, please give us a call and we will mail it to you.

Please share your information with us - we'd like to know your responses, too.


Title: FAQs about Social Security Retirement Benefits

Date: January, 2019

Description: Social Security benefits, which last as long as you live, provide valuable protection against outliving savings and other sources of retirement income.   

Did you know that you can receive personalized estimates of future benefits based on your real earnings and review your earnings history when you create a "my Social Security" account?  To create an account, go to


Title: What Kind of Charitable Donor Are You?

Date: December, 2018

Description: Charitable giving in an important piece of many estate plans.  To help you decide how to incorporate charitable giving into your estate plan, let's look at some of the most popular options. 


Title: Buyer Beware

Date: November, 2018

Description: Online shopping may be a convenient way to find deals but it’s important to protect your identity and financial information.

Title: Countdown To Retirement

Date: October, 2018

Description: Planning Well Ahead of Time


Title: Capturing a Lifetime of Memories

Datae: September, 2018

Description: A Self-Interview Guide


Title: Basic Estate Planning Documents

Datae: August, 2018

Description: Basic Estate Planning Documents


Title: Emergency Funds

Date: July, 2018

Description: Preparing for the Unexpected


Title: Retirement Income Planning

Date: June, 2018

Description: The Total Return Approach Vs. the Bucket Approach


Title: Preparing for Medicare Enrollment

Date: May, 2018

Description: Medicare decisions before you turn 65


Title: Baby Boomers on the Move

Date: April, 2018

Description: What to Consider If You Are Planning to Relocate


Title: Tax Season 2018

Date: March, 2018

Description: Investor360°® Makes Tax Time Easier


Title: What Does the Market Decline Mean for You?

Date: February, 2018

Description: Information on the latest market decline.


Title: Organizing Your Finances

Date: February, 2018

Description: Before and After Personal Loss


Title: Creating A Budget

Date: January, 2018

Description: Write down your financial goals


Title: A Financial Checklist You Can Handle

Date: December, 2017

Description: Financial tips for every month


Title: A Unique Solution for Funding Long-Term Care Expenses

Date: November, 2017

Description: Paying for Long Term Care


Title: After The Last Paycheck

Date: October, 2017

Description: You’ve been looking forward to retirement for most of your working life. Maybe you’ve been anticipating relaxing on a beach, traveling, or writing a book. You might have great plans for your retirement, but do you have a financial plan that makes it all possible?


Title: A Seven-Point Checklist for Your Estate Plan

Date: September, 2017

Description: Review and update your estate plan, using this checklist..


Title: Caring for an Aging Parent

Date: August, 2017

Description: Suggestions on caring for aging parents.


Title: Emergency Funds

Date: July, 2017

Description: Establishing and maintaining an emergency fund.